An IRC channel is a text-based, virtual meeting room, generically called chat rooms”. Each channel is a virtual space where anybody connected to the Internet and IRC can join by entering and talking to the other people already there.

You can leave a channel at any time, join another channel, and rejoin channels whenever you wish. Many IRC applications will let you join more than one channel at the same time.

A channel is a named group of one or more clients which will all receive messages addressed to that channel.


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Channel #POD is irc based chanel on dalnet irc

#POD Team:


  • Rabia (Aka Princess_Of_DarKness, LiveLy)


  • Kitab


  • UnPr3DictaBL3
  • Venny
  • Kitab
  • Nadia^
  • eClipSe^
  • Sleeping-Beauty
  • Nazia
  • Rabia
  • FroZ3n^
  • A-R-M-A-N
  • GraceFul
  • Baloch
  • witty-girl
  • Nikkami
  • Nosaiba
  • Adira
  • Rasputine78