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  1. eClipSe^ is an amazing person, unfortunately haven’t had much interaction with her though. But she comes across as a lively, intelligent and witty person, treating people with respect. You cannot help but not notice the positive vibes she brings in the channel. Wish she take some time out for adventure and fun, like a hike in the Margallas, which lie just across her place. All the best and wish to see more of her !!!!

  2. Eclipse^ is a very nice and decent friend.she handles any situation with positivity.The way she chats depects how civilised she is.Whenever I asked her for script help she always helped me.Wishing her a happy and blessed life.

  3. Iiiiiiiii taaaa :p hi eclips kesi ho? Aj kia pakaya ha? I know Eclips since long long long back yahi koi 2..3 month pehle se :p but she is nice decent girl on mirc. Kisi ko limit cross nai karne deti mene bohat koshish ki per :$ acha ab tu hum achay dost hain. Daily hello hi kartay hain ;)….. chalo ji tata baki baten on mirc :p

    1. Me to hamasha se bht ache hn … Adna per ap bandar k bandar he rehna πŸ˜› … @eClipSe^ Kicks β™ͺヽ( ο½₯η›Šο½₯)οΎ‰β”Œβ”›οΎŸο½₯*:.q. .q.:*ο½₯γ‚œοΎŸο½₯* adna

  4. eclipse ek achi dost ek achi sathi kuch kuch mere j c ha lol agar hum ek sath hn to lagta hi nahi do alag alag insan hn kabhi salon me eclipse ko ghussa ata ha or sab acha ha un me bus churail or bhooton se darna chor den lol

  5. eClipSe^ say chat howy i think 2years ho gay .. jitna mai isko jaan gai aik sincere frd hai or aik help karny wali frd bas keh do isko koi kam yeh script karna yeh aisa karna to phr wo samjo done πŸ˜› …. ab sab decent decent keh rahay to choro mai yeh ba nahi karti :P… lykin is larki nay irc pay mera sath dia πŸ™‚ meri tarf say fight bhi ki :P… bas aik buri adat galat bat pay jald hyper hoti usko face nahi karti …. or phr aik boht galt adat yeh iska bachon ki tarha jin bhot say darna πŸ˜›
    Teray Labon pay Hansi kay Phool Khila Day
    Bas yehi dua hai Meri Keh
    Sitaron say Roshan Allah Teri Taqdeer Bana Day

  6. eclipse da mun enj a jiven ik changay bande da hona chahi da a πŸ™‚ … Allah inhen zindagi k har imtehan men kamyab farmaye … doston k sath doston ki tarah rehti hain or jo log apne tor per in se dushmani karte hain un k sath b inka rawayya bohat acha hota hai.

  7. A reasonable lady with some broken dreams but some real high aims πŸ™‚ wishing her all the best in her life πŸ™‚

  8. Eclipse is a cute little girl who brings colors and light wherever she goes. She is decent and fun to talk to I hope to know her more with time.

  9. Eclipse always give a vibe of a sweet decent lady and i believe she is we are not very close but we had decent amount of conversations. Stay Blessed and May Allah keep you safe from all the evil eyes πŸ™‚

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