25 thoughts on “Nazia

  1. Nazia is a janu friend and sis whom I genuinely care for and adore. She’s well mannered and a sincere person. love you so much darling ❤

  2. Nazia is more then a sis and she is lovable and so much caring per sach main hai chawwal he perhaps ab siyani ho gae hai kionki ab ye BAAT nae manti 😛 love yo *DORLING*

  3. Nazia love you Allah pak tumhain jaldi jaldi theek kar dain or boht si khushyan dain aameen hamesha khush rho hasti muskurati raho 🙂 :*

    1. Mohtaram Adaab hoyea peyea ee 😀
      Aho goongay ne cheekh ee mari sii hahahahaha
      Eee samosay wali tuseen hoon chawal ee mari ee :X

  4. jab mai wapas ai MiRc pay to Nazia meri 1st day Irc friend 😀 …. phly to zara chawal si thi 😛 par jaisi hai meri pyari si bahen hai 🙂 caring larki hai or apny kam say kam rakhny wali 😛 aman pasand bas isi waja say is ko nazar lag jati beemari rehti 😛
    Allah tujh Sehat day or Tumhari zindagi mai barkat dalay Ameen
    Love u nazoo 🙂

    1. Love u appi 🙂 We are togather past 8 years,.. Have seen and spent wonderful time here. Our group was Awesome , those were golden days I must say..

  5. Meow_ 😮 menu nain si pata teri gal da by the way 😛
    anyways something about Nazia
    Nazia is a pleasant personality with a good sense of humour. She knows how to gain respect, by her act and words. i do not in fact remember for how long we know each other but i know one thing about her she is one of the most understanding personalities with a calm behaviour I have been in interaction with on IRC.

    Naziay meri galan non serious na lavin 😛

  6. Naziiioooooo
    Hope you are doing well
    Jeeti rahain aur hamesha Khush rahain..
    NAZIA is my 2nd IRC friend and I came to know her through venny 😀
    Know her from past many years
    She is so nice, loving and caring!
    She is very simple and straightforward
    I love her!
    She is so sweet and always give honest opinions of her about any matter

    Miss you naziiioooooo

  7. Nazooooo Nazaayyyy Nazaaaaaaaa ! umaah ! youre love and sweetness May Allah keep you healthy wealthy and happy always <3333

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