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  1. I start chatting UnPr3DicTaBL3 a while ago and turns out he is a good friend to me now. Respectful and caring. Wishing him all the best in his life and after.

  2. Well..!!
    I found him a very decent n hardworking person. He’s loyal with his friends n with his work as well n I really wish you all the best for your future unpredictable 🙂 I know nobody can predict you but at least I’m gonna give it a try 🙂
    May Allah Almighty bless you with HIS countless blessings upon you n your family. Ameen sum Ameen


  3. Found him good frnd hard worker and great person and off course he is a good Rj lub u always my dear frnd Allah blessed u And best of luck for your future !
    Regards !

  4. Known you for some time now…always found you humble, grounded and well spoken…You reflect that you are educated and from a good home…at times very quiet but when you talk its always in such a humble and friendly way…i wish you all the good things in life…and yes i do like to pull your leg from time to time, cant take the troll out of me but i assure you i am LOT nicer now compared to what i used to be LOL

  5. I don’t know much about him, but he is a good lad, and good human being. I Wish him all the good things in his life.

  6. UnPr3DicTaBL3 say kam arsa howa bat howi … friendly hai boht or is insan ko Malang type insan keh sakty 😛 BOt wala chacah hai Kidmat E Khlaaq kay liye har time Hazir 😛 Bots ko bachon ki tarha paal raha 😛 … or isko chain nahi ata jab tak sab say best bot or script is kay pas na ho 😛
    Allah ap ko dhair sari khusiyan dai Ameen

  7. Sab ne etna kuch to lekh deya hy …. Mery leye to kuch chora he nahe :/
    Since I know unpr3dictable he is veryyyy nice friend. Always there for any help, very considerate and no doubt very hardworking. May ALLAH bless you with lots of success and happiness in ur life Ameen

  8. dont know much abt him… as much as i found him hes friendly caring and dedicate….. bottom line you can find persons like him on irc very rare. and ab tak ke liye itna he

  9. Aamir tumhain mai bohat kam time say janti hon ab tak jitni bhi baat hoi tum Bohat achy ho Bohat decent or Bohat talented larky ho hamesha khush rho or kamyaab rahi Aameen

  10. As Salam Alykum …
    Amir Aik Shair Main Aap k liye Bolongi Yahan Zayada lambi Chori Guftugu Nahi.

    Zindagi ka Safar Katna hay Ager Aag per Raqs kernay Ka fun Seekhlo …
    Jism chahe Jalay Rooh Pholay Phalay Jeena chaho tu mernay ka fun sheekhlo…
    Kisi say Nahi hay tera wasta tere Ander bhi hay ik kathin Rasta…
    Bas ik kaam ker mashale thaam ker paniyoun main uternay ka fan seekhlo…!!

    Allah Pak Hamesha Kush Rakhay Jahan Raho Kush Rahoo!!

  11. never talked with him till 5 mins ago… he is nice person … the way he talk.. hmmmm…. nothing else 😀 Stay Blessed

  12. acha larka hai bichara bura nai. husn e salook aur naik seerati iski shakhseeyat ka aeham pehlo hai. jeetay raho bacho.

  13. Well we have known each other since a while now but never been close but as much as i know him he is a Sober man and gets very caring some times i have seen him being emotional i remember that day i found out that he is a sensitive person aswell which is a sign of a good man so. Unpredictable Allah apko khush rahkay stay positive and keep going 🙂 may you achieve everything you want and desire in life Ameen!

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